Q & A (FAQ)

Q: Are you really afraid of bats?

A: Yes, but I prefer to use the proper term for my fear. I call myself an Acrobat.

Q: Are you really a cry-baby?

A. Yes.

Q: Is your nickname really “Tubby”?

A: Yes. I love baths.

Q: Are you really John Palm’s alter ego?

A: I don’t know anymore. Ask him at: The John Palm Show

Q: Are your really addicted to Polka?

A: No, I am officially a recovering Polka addict. Yahoo!

Q: I see you run the Christian Comedy Index. Are you a Christian?

A: I believe so. And thank you for not using “really” in that question.

Q: How can you be a Christian and take Lexapro?

A: Easy. I open the “child proof” lid and then I take it. Oh yea, water is involved in there somewhere.

Q: Are you depressed?

A: If you are referring to the Lexapro. I don’t take it for depression (like most probably do). I take it to reduce my obsession for and compultion to Polka. So far it’s working.

Q: What’s the big deal about Polka?

A: Shame on you! Polka has torn apart 3 generations of Sweezys. It’s time for it to END.


Consider the power of Polka and your ability to walk away before you take that first “dancing” step.

“There is Polka dancing muffin boys, And for children there is Polka toys, There is Polka pickled eels and sprats, And Polka dancing dogs and cats.”

Wow. That’s powerful. Please be careful.