Almost Inspirational Thoughts

by Bobby Sweezy

The Jonas Brothers Look

by John Palm

Jonas or Will Ferrell

Tom tried for the “look” that everyone is talking about. Tight pants, form fitting suit coats, pointy shoes and scarves. He pranced on 8th Street like a fancy schoolboy. The children and hookers laughed and laughed. Yes, it is a fine line between “Jonas” and “Will Ferrell”…


Chapstick For Nudists

by John Palm

My main argument against becoming a nudist is that I feel I would need a much larger size chapstick paired with the fact that I have no pockets.

Bedtime Stories

by John Palm

The following are bedtime stories my son didn’t want to hear:

  • Tickling Cowboys
  • Varsity Cow-tippers
  • Tom’s Secret Foot Hooves
  • Mom, My Shoes Don’t Fit!
  • 1001 Mean Kid Remarks
  • Middle School Showdown at High Noon
  • Birth Defects from Hell
  • Cow Footed Boy and His Glock
  • Who’s Laughing Now at Prescott Middle School?
  • Praying for Juvie


Sleep tight little one. And pray your feet don’t turn into hooves tonight!

A Gut Feeling

by John Palm

Philip was always one to go with his “gut feeling” until the day he ate that leftover sausage and crout “salad” in the back of the fridge.

Topics For Dinner Conversations

by John Palm

Some topics should be off limits for dinner parties. Like politics, religion and calling someone a “filthy, calvinist, republican pig”. Oh yea, and I don’t think the word “filthy” should be used  at dinner parties either.

Hungry Eyes

by John Palm

eyeMy trip was life changing. Big eyes gazed up at me. Hungry. Wanting. Needy. It was all around me. Desperation. Flys. A putred stentch filled the air.

I went and saw it with my own two eyes. And I highly recommend that you too make a visit your local mall during this tough economic climate.

The Fine Print

by John Palm

Fine Print Car Lease

Fine Print Car Lease

I told the “Chrysler Guy” to look me straight in the eye and tell me that I DON’T get to keep the car when my lease is done. He did. And smugly I might add. One more case of someone duped over not reading the “fine print”.