My nickname is “Tubby”.

Everyone loves a good nickname. Nicknames show that someone was thinking about you enough to call you by a cute little name.

Nicknames help kids to have a healthy self image.

Nicknames let kids know someone was thinking about them.

Nicknames can link kids to something positive in their life.

Like I said earlier, my nickname is “Tubby”. Not because I am heavy, but because I always preferred baths to showers.

I don’t really know what it was about baths that I loved so? It could have been the way my ducky would magically change colors in the reflection of the water. Or the the way the room seemed to quietly spin around me when I layed on my back. Or maybe it was because my Granpa would pour in his “bad batch” moonshine when Mom was around. Man that stuff made great bubbles.

What’s your nickname?

Bobby Sweezy