Cry Baby

At age 28 I was labled a “Cry Baby”.

This has become one of those turning points in my life that has forever changed me.

It seems I am one of those rare cases who is both a underachiever and a perfectionist (something like 1 in 10 million). That means that I have an obsession to do poor work.

I guess this is called a Perfectionist Underachiever.

Also referred to as a Motivated Underachiever.

This compultion to do less than is expected of me led to some “ribbing” and innocent “teasing” from my friends and family.

One day this innocent “teasing” finally broke me. I think it was my Mom saying she wished I was never born and that I should change my last name so that there was no trace of her being related to me or something like that.

I began to cry. I was 28 years old. And now labled a “Cry Baby”.

What have you been labled?

Bobby Sweezy

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