About Sweezy

I am Bobby Sweezy and these are my Almost Inspirational Thoughts.

Who is Bobby Sweezy? Alter-ego or real? I don’t know anymore.

This much I know:

I’ve alway been a bit of an underachiever. I’m also hypersensitive. When you combine the two it basically means I hate myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tormented or anything. Especially with the 10 mg/day of Lexapro.

More about me (since that is what you clicked on):

  • I am an acrobat — yes, I have a fear of bats.
  • My nickname is Tubby.
  • My vice was Polka (and life in the fast lane). I’m now a recovering Polka Addict.
  • I am happiest when I’m asleep.
  • My main excercise is trampolining.
  • I compete in the Sycronized Trampoline event.
  • My special ability is: I don’t need a life coach.

But that’s enough about me. This site is about you. Uplifting you. Encouraging you. And making you less of a cry-baby.

Oh yea, did I say I was labeled a “cry-baby” at age 28?

For more info contact my friend John at: John Palm Saves Your Soul

Tell me about yourself?


Bobby Sweezy

Almost Inspirational “About” section is brought to you by Lexapro. Lexapro… your not whale poop!


I believe… in satire.