Celebrity “Brat Pack” Needs Your Support

by Bobby Sweezy

One of my favorite causes is Celebrity Compassion International (CCI). However, with annual incomes nearly 100 times the average american total household income one would think, “why do the big celebrity’s need our compassion?”

Well, here’s the rest of the story. The cost of being famous is huge! The clothes. The parties. The plasitic surgery. Cars. Boats. Beach cottages. And that’s only the beginning!

Imagine the lawsuits, paternity settlements and gambling habits. Being a celebrity is expensive.

The cost is high. Even too high for most celebrities. And that’s were CCI steps in — for $75.00 dollars a month you can make a lasting investent in a life of your celebrity. One they will never forget during the few minutes after their personal assistant has them sign the back of your check.

Teach your kids to give to the needy.

*Special thanks to Brad’s Pitts and Randy Elrod and Watercooler Wednesday.