Mime Was My Passion in Life

by Bobby Sweezy

In the late 80’s I was a founding member of a mime troupe called “dc No Talking”.

Let me back up a bit.

When I was 8 or 9 people used to call me “Tubby”. Not because I was heavy, but because I always preferred baths to showers. The tub was one of my “special places” (the other was Tulsa, Oklahoma). Anyhoo, it was in the tub where I heard a quiet voice. It said one word… pantomime-troupe. Over the ensueing years the art of pantomime became everything to me. Now fast forward to 1989. I formed a three-man mime troupe with my best friends Mick and Kelvin. We called ourselves “dc No Talking” in tribute to the Christian Rap supergroup dc Talk. Everyone said it was a clever name. Our specialty was original pantomime routines to dc Talk songs. Tubby, Mick and Kelvin achieved small town notoriety. We even did a public access cable show that somehow got pretty big in Nairobi, Kenya (I guess our lousy time slot was a blessing and a curse).

Those were the days my friends. Those were the days.