Artists And Depression Have A Link

by Bobby Sweezy

Why are artist always depressed?

Think about it. Kurt Cobain (music artist), Jim Carrey (comedy artist), Richard Simmons (excersize artist). All struggle with depression.

Here is some Almost Inspiration for Artists:

Hey Art-Guy. Hey Art-Girl. When you wake up every morning, just think, you’re living your dream. Wow! You do art. You are art. You are creative. The mind of God working through yours.

Yes, you’re hungry from not eating 3 square meals. But the hunger drives you. Sure, you know in your heart you will never make it. You know your statistical chances to make it are worse than winning the lotto. And your father words of dissaproval ring in your head every night before you go to sleep.

Don’t give up Art-Person. Keep on going for that dream. No matter how unrealistic.

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