Do You Have A Green Thumb?

by Bobby Sweezy

It was a typical day at the Tropical Plant Plant. No pushing and shoving to get the “best” plants (which does happen sometimes though it is far from the norm). People at a Plant Plant seem to have a good sense of when enough is enough (if you know what I mean). They carry themselves with a bit of the “pride” that so many people today are lacking.

How do I know so much about the Topical Plant Plant? Well, I don’t actually work there anymore, but my friend Jimmy does. Jimmy almost never gets reprimanded during the entire work day.

I, on the other hand, was “laid off”. Maybe it was because of my aggressive trimming policy or maybe because of my unconventional views on watering or it could have been my insistence on the “organic” cow manure. I guess you can tell that I will always be passionate about artificial plants. But for now I will be working at the Foot Locker.