We Can Stop Submarine Implosions in Our Lifetime

by Bobby Sweezy

Our oceans and seas are full of all kinds of living things. Including people in submarines. At first it sounded to me like a glamourous career, until I learned about a thing called “submarine implosions”.

Did you know that every 25 years a submarine trip ends in the horror of an implosion? Imagine if this were the 25th year after the last submarine implosion, the next could the very one you are on. No one should have to live with that kind of fear.

And they don’t have to anymore. The non-profit group called “Submarine Implosions… No!” has stepped up to the plate to make being underwater in a submarine a safer place for all of us.

What’s it all about?

It’s about money.

It’s about celebrities and parties with those celebrities.

It’s about awareness through the build-out of an intricate web of underwater cameras so we will all be able to see these horrific implosions first hand.

And finally, it’s about owning the exclusive rights to the footage from those cameras (including any blooper footage).

Wear the ribbon and show your support (oh ya, if forgot to say they have a ribbon).